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2020 New Launch. Stay Focused

2020 New Launch. Stay Focused

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It’s officially 2020! This means a whole new look, and a refreshing new direction, for WAA. The team has worked hard and listened intently to what our audience has said. WAA has made some real changes and progress to our site, and our brand. 

One of our focuses has been on our activewear. While our merchandise is gym and workout driven, it’s not the only demographic we want our brand to appeal to. Our vision is that customers can wear their clothes to the gym...but maybe also to work, to the bar, on a date night, or on a coffee visit with friends. We picture a woman relaxing in our charcoal grey hooded cardigan, perhaps casually thrown over a pair of leggings with pockets, and put together with one of our sports bras, or our mesh sleeved athleisure shirt

Our black shredded leggings are a perfect example of living the athleisure lifestyle. These leggings have the functionality and composition of workout leggings, but they look like a stylish pair of pants that can be worn in almost any setting. It can be worn with a hoodie, or even just a simple t-shirt. Throw on some heels and a cute t-shirt with a slogan, (ex. It’s Wine-o-clock somewhere!), and you have a cute outfit for a girls’ night out. 

Seriously though, we have been hard at work. Our team is small but tight, and we have spent tireless hours brainstorming about activewear, athleisure, the right color schemes, what we want our brand to represent, and so forth. We have two stay-at-home Moms on our team, one who is in excellent shape and who works out hard, and trains people; the other who has an infant, and is slowly working her way back to getting in shape. Both of these women love the idea of being comfortable and cute in their clothes, and both are huge on the empowerment of women. The third woman on our staff is younger, in college, and working her hardest to establish herself and her potential career. We are a diverse group with differing tastes, and that is what makes us great. 

At WAA, we push for comfort and reliability, while still offering the hottest trends in athleisure and active apparel. We want our customers to feel beautiful and confident in the items they purchase. We are eager for, and welcoming of feedback. We want to know what you want.  We are trying to start a movement that appeals to all...We want to appeal to all!


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