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Athleisure Accentuates Your Confidence

Athleisure Accentuates Your Confidence

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Confidence. The meaning behind the word is strived for just as much as the implication and promise that having confidence provides. It is an aspiration that we all chase. Whether we are walking into a meeting or the gym, we hope to have the confidence to do it with grace, elegance, and dignity. We want people to notice us because of our hard work, determination, and positivity that having confidence creates.

Women’s Active Apparel knows this because we are women, just like you. We not only want to be comfortable with ourselves, but we also want to be proud to be ourselves. What we wear plays a big part in how we feel. Athleisure, as t turns out, accentuates your confidence. 

Body Image

Sure, everyone wants to look good in that bikini or those skinny jeans. Yet, because of our unique figures, clothing like this tends to bring us down. Even though we know there are many reasons an article of clothing does not look right on us, it still destroys our self-esteem. Fortunately, athleisure wear is different because it helps us to look at our body image differently. Looking at a sports bra on the rack, you may think there is no way that is going to look good. However,  you put it on, chances are, you will be transformed. Therefore, whether you are wearing a bra underneath or leggings with boots, athleisure wear helps to reshape the way women perceive their body image. 


Leisurewear or athletic wear comes with a special intention. Usually, these are workout clothes. Therefore, it has a way of melding with your body as it moves, while also keeping everything shaped appropriately. Leisurewear often helps you see your best self, but it is not only because of the shaping. (Although, that helps.)

In addition to the shaping and comfort it provides, the idea that you are wearing workout clothes is psychologically positive. When someone wears leisurewear, they are going to do something that is hard work, but it will be worth it at the end. Whether this is a workout routine, or having an adventure, wearing workout clothes invites a sense of confidence and excitement.

According to the Huffington Post, scientists call this intention-based psychology “enclothed cognition. However, what matters is that if you wear something you think is intended to be powerful, it will help you become powerful.

 Performance Powerhouse

There is feeling good and then, there is doing well. Research shows that people who are wearing comfortable clothing that make them look good also perform better. Leisurewear offers the ability and the confidence to face the day head on. If you take those feelings to heart, you will become a performance powerhouse. 

Women’s Active Apparel wants to give women every opportunity to succeed. Confidence is the key to so many opportunities and in leisurewear, you feel comfortable. Therefore, you feel more connected to your true-self and ready to take on the day ahead. When you know you look good and you also feel good, you will be granted the confidence to move mountains. 

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