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Athleisure is Hailed by Forbes as a Powerful, Growing Trend!

Athleisure is Hailed by Forbes as a Powerful, Growing Trend!

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Forbes is a well-respected reference for a plethora of subjects. Everything from fashion to finances is covered on Forbes (if it is relevant enough to be covered). 

That is why Women’s Active Apparel is so excited to discuss this Forbes post, describing Athleisure as a powerful, growing trend. 

The Article

Forbes is known for having their fingers on the pulse of both fashion and business. Thus, this article making such a bold statement in favor of Athleisure is extremely encouraging. It shows that the movement that is Athleisurewear is finally being recognized, and hailed, by highly respected trendsetters.

Matt Powell, the senior sports industry advisor at NPD is quoted in the article as saying, “I often get asked whether the bubble around leisure will burst anytime soon, and the answer is no. Athleisure rules the runway, and the line between what is an athletic shoe and a casual shoe continues to blur. Brands and retailers must continue to feed this trend.”This is not just a statement that validates shoes. It is a statement that gives the entire Athleisure fashion a powerful endorsement.

The Implication

Gaining such a powerful endorsement gives credence, stability, and recognition to the leisurewear movement. Receiving this type of media positivity helps everyone, as it removes any remaining stigma against wearing activewear in everyday activitiesWomen have an increasingly busy lifestyle. Despite the inability to put more hours in a day, women are having to fit in the impossible. Therefore, the least we can do is remain comfortable while we whip up a few daily miracles. 


Having the support that this article provides helps us to do that, without guilt or stigma. Even though we know we look good, until now, society has tried to make us feel guilty for being comfortable. This media coverage helps to solidify the truth; that we are doing the best we can and thus, we deserve the best. 

The Response

The response is an overwhelming increase in leisurewear brands. Now, more than ever, leisurewear is becoming more acceptable as everyday attire. Everyone from celebrities to stay at home moms can adorn themselves in comfort and they receive compliments. This is prompting the creation of more comfortable attire, across the span of fashion. That means that the trend should see an uptick in creativity, which means even more leisurewear styles to choose from.

Enjoy this beautiful shift in fashion expectations. A movement of this magnitude is rare but when it happens, it is unforgettable. Every day, Women’s Active Apparel sees the shift from corporate to comfort, while women continue to look their best. However, it is still nice to have ours by a major influence throughout the fashion and business world. The experiences we have every day and this conviction of our beloved fashion fuels our power, confidence, and excitement. That is why we wanted to share this article. That way, you too can reap the benefits of your creativity, professionalism, and commitment to comfortability.



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