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I remember when activewear was basic. Sports bras mostly came in black, and their sole purpose was for boob support while working out. Sweatpants were shapeless and hideous. Actually...so were sweatshirts. Workout leggings were a non entity. There was no breathable, moisture wicking material. Mesh cloth designed to leave you feeling cool and refreshed did not exist! There was rarely anything trendy in the activewear section to be found. 

Somewhere along the way, activewear experienced a revolution, and evolved into stylish, and sexy clothing that actually made a sweaty woman look good while she ran on the treadmill. Sports bras now come in a variety of colors and styles. There are still the dark, and simple-cut sports bras for the more understated women, but there are also bold, brightly colored options with daring designs like this Peekaboo Halter Sports Bra from WAA. Imagine sports bras that look hip, enhance your boobs, and still keep them in place! At WAA, there are quite a few choices.

Meanwhile, there are leggings built to compliment every body type and please any woman. Leggings can be plain or feature fabulous prints like this pair of camo leggings from WAA. Leggings now offer tummy support, shape your butt, lift your butt, feature mesh paneling, are made from moisture wicking material, and best of all...have pockets!!! Imagine, leggings with pockets. It’s a game changer. Pockets that can hold cell phones, ATM cards, and keys. A woman can seriously go to the gym empty handed, but knowing that she has what she needs because she is wearing leggings with pockets. These leggings with pockets are cute, accommodating, and comfortable, but can still accomplish the job that they’re meant for. These  high waist leggings leggings from WAA have a hidden pocket! Which brings me to my next point: activewear isn’t just for working out anymore. Oh no. Nowadays, women can wear activewear while completing a variety of tasks. Need to go to the grocery? Throw on some leggings and a loose, flowy, cardigan, over that cute,mesh sleeve top from WAA. Going to pick up the kids from school? Wear your favorite sneakers, and throw on some leggings with pockets like these from WAA. You will have both your hands free to wipe runny noses, or hold little hands while crossing the street. Maybe you are studying late with your classmates for a big final exam and it’s chilly outside. No problem...just wrap that camel colored, hooded jacket made of Sherpa around yourself, and stay warm. 

There’s even a fancier name for activewear now. It’s called athleisure. Whoever thought of that is GENIUS. If I can wear athletic clothes at my leisure, or wear activewear and feel

relaxed, I’m automatically winning. If I can go home and not want to immediately rip off my bra, I’ve struck gold. Leggings and sports bras even come in a variety of chic prints. Check out WAA’s matching Rose Parade set. There’s no way a woman can wear that and feel frumpy. It’s the type of activewear set that makes you glide some gloss on your lips, and wink at yourself in the mirror before you leave your house.

Not a fan of leggings? Maybe you like looser clothing. Then try some joggers. Joggers are sweatpants that underwent a major makeover. Joggers are comfortable and relaxed. They still look like sweatpants, but are tapered at the ankle and offer a slimmer fit, while maintaining a functional quality. Joggers come in a variety of colors, and different styles as well. They can be tighter or baggier, made from 100% cotton...or something else, like rayon. Think of joggers as a trendier and modern version of sweatpants. 

So, just remember, working out doesn’t have to be boring anymore. You can feel fabulous in your leggings with pockets while doing some leg exercises at the gym. Errands can be less drudgery while you run around town in your fashionable athleisure wear. When a woman looks good, she feels better about herself. That sense of empowerment that comes with confidence also strengthens the ability to get things accomplished.

Check out our activewear and our athleisure at WAA...we truly believe that every woman deserves the best.

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