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What is Athleisure?

What is Athleisure?

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Athleisurewear is started as trendy, comfortable clothing that people (women especially) would wear while working out. The material was stretchy, sometimes the colors and patterns were outlandish, but it was a great way to make a statement. Due to the form-fitting, yet easy-going nature of athleisurewear, it became an all-around comfort style.

However, as the trend gained popularity, athleisurewear evolved into more than simply what you wear; it became a movement. Athleisurewear metamorphosed into beautiful style; allowing wearers to be comfortable, without giving up the ability to look professional and capable.

Now, Women’s Active Attire is acknowledging the transformation, from the history of athleisurewear to the bright future it has ahead of us.

The History

When you see someone wearing sneakers, you do not automatically assume they are working out. You likely wouldn’t even look twice at their foot attire, inside or outside of the gym. (Unless they are wearing stilettos on a Stairmaster). Yet, it wasn’t all that long ago that sneakers and other now commonly accepted articles of athletic wear were strictly reserved for the gym. 

Robbie Myers, the editor-in-chief of Elle attributes the start of the Athleisure craze to Jane Fonda’s 1982 workout tape. This style was solidified, first becoming Athleisurewear in 1998 with the rise of Lululemon.

 However, the history of Athleisurewear started long before Fonda or Lulu came into the spandex-laden spotlight. For instance, tracksuits were popular in the early seventies. This was an iconic statement, promoting running and fitness. Yet, it was worn, much like yoga pants, by people seeking comfort; not always a healthier lifestyle. The trend likely grew from there.

The Present

Athleisurewear is still a rising star in the fashion world ad has continued to shine bright for the past few years. Of course, there is still a certain stigma against wearing a traditional sports bra (with nothing over it) into a workplace or restaurant. Yet, there is a comfortability emerging when people creatively combine traditional outerwear with athleisurewear. 

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The Future

The future is bright for the athleisurewear movement. What was once thought of as sub-par, unacceptable clothing is now spotlighting the fashion scene. Media influencers, such as ForbesCBS, and even Investopia recognizes this powerful trend. Experts across the influential, fashion and newsworthy spectrum agree that this is just the beginning. Sales, fashionistas (like Beyoncé), and everyday trendsetters are proving the skyrocket of athleisurewear’s success. 

Additionally, as it stands, athleisurewear is currently an American trend. However, with the mounting support of such trusted publications and icons, it is likely to spread worldwide. The future of comfortable clothing and a more understanding workplace is coming, and Women’s Active Apparel is at the helm.

 Women’s Active Apparel wants to give women every opportunity to succeed. Confidence is the key to so many opportunities and in leisurewear, you feel comfortable. Therefore, you feel more connected to your true-self and ready to take on the day ahead. When you know you look good and you also feel good, you will be granted the confidence to move mountains. 

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